Deep down my sock has slid off in my shoe

One of my Facebook ‘friends’ posted this on her time line, how would you react?

All of the comments on the post were responses which supposed that her sock had actually come of in her shoe. Now maybe that’s the truth, perhaps it is nothing more than one of those days when your actual sock has come off your actual foot in your actual shoe.


Maybe it’s a comment on her life. That’s how I took it. That it was one of those times where we appear to be ok on the outside but somewhere deep down our metaphorical sock has come off our shoe of life. The only person who knows it is us and we are conscious of it every step we take but we keep smiling and pretending that everything is ok.

Of course the sensible thing would be to stop, take off the shoe and correct the sock – only life isn’t always that simple and I am going to push this analogy as far as I possibly can because for five or more years I think I walked around with my metaphorical sock coming off and I was too scared to put it right.

The problem with dysfunctional socks is that you are the only one who knows, in the beginning anyway. Every step you take reminds you that something is not quite right. If ignored long enough it will cause us to limp and then others start to notice.

I now know what my sock was and is and I have written about it elsewhere but I wonder what yours is? Deep down do you know your sock has come off?

You know what I did? I stopped and I decided I didn’t like the socks anyway and I would rather go barefoot.



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